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-By Zik Gbemre



"Wetin Gov Sheriff Oborevwori go to do for Okuama sef"? To mock the distressed  Okuama people or what?


A shameless  governor. That is what he is since Sheriff can't condemn the unlawful military destruction of Okuama over a tragic questionable peace mission to the community.


"Okuama don turn to tourist center"? Gov Oborevwori didn't condemn the wiping out of Okuama Town in Ughelli South LGA by military for their rascality against the poor locals of the community who no longer have any shelter to live in.


These are Okuama people that were killed, maimed and the entire community turned to rumble. I ask again Sheriff, "wetin you go do for Okuama without condemning the illegal destruction of Okuama town"?


Are you the elected governor of Delta or a rubber stamp governor of Delta? I am not amused with your visit to Okuama. I don't think Sheriff understands his role as a governor.


Uptill now, Sheriff has not asked the required questions. "Wetin Soldiers wen dey guard Utorogu Gas Plant in Delta go do in Okuama"?  Sheriff, I am ashamed that you don't understand the duty of a governor in a state?


All you think to become a governor is to answer the title of Governor or Excellency. What Excellency are you when Okuama people were killed, maimed and no longer have a community to live in?


Tinubu you are busy making appointments every day which are announced by Ajuri Bari Ngelale and you think you are a popular president.


Military under Tinubu as President and Commander-In-Chief went on illegal questionable peace mission to Okuama community in Ughelli South and destroyed the entire community and sent the surviving Okuama locals into the bush to live like wild animals.


Tinubu should learn from Charles Taylor of Liberia when he became power drunk and used the military wrongly against civilians in his country.


Will Tinubu allow the military to destroy any community in entire Yoruba land. Tinubu is a tribalist with the show of impunity on Okuama. You swore to govern Nigeria and not only in Yoruba land. I was one of those who thought you were a national figure until now that you have displayed yourself that you were elected to protect only Yoruba people.


Oyo State Government House was invaded by hoodlums who called selves Oduduwa and Yoruba agitators. Tinubu didn't send the military to wipe out Ibadan because you are a Yoruba man and military and police didn't declare any person wanted for unlawfully taking over of Oyo State Government House.


No military Tribunal was set up in Oyo state. Election will come in 2027 and Nigerians will be wiser. As for Urhobo traditional rulers who always attend birthday parties and seen rejoicing few days ago with Gbaramatu king for his Amaseikumor traditional festival while their Ewu king was held illegally by military on the orders of Tinubu, you are all a disgrace to Urhobo land.


I am ashamed of Urhobo traditional rulers who have rendered selves as civil service workers. President Tinubu and Governor Sheriff, what is urgently expected of you is to ask the soldiers to quit Okuama. Tinubu and Sheriff must erect temporary structures as shelters in Okuama to rehabilitate Okuama locals, build their houses, schools and medical centre for them and provide food, water and medicines.


Tinubu and Sheriff should understand that Okuama community is the ancestral home town of Bishop Agori-Iwe, the first Anglican Bishop in Midwest/Bendel State now known as Edo and Delta states.


As for the military, Tinubu should order them to return to the barracks and allow police to do its work. The military should concentrate efforts to stop terrorism in Northern Nigeria.


The military has no business in Delta. It is believed that military Commanders and their men are aiding and promoting illegal bunkering in the South South of the Niger-Delta. The motive of bringing the military to South South is defeated.


The Nigerian police will do better to protect oil & gas facilities and workers in the South South of Nigeria. Military commanders and their men lobby to be posted to Delta to make money from illegal bunkering activities.


Why are the military commanders and their men not lobbying to go the North to fight terrorism? Okuama people need to settle down for peaceful lives as it were before soldiers who were on guard in Utorogu Gas Plant left their duty posts to Okuama for questionable peace mission that turned bloody.


The military high command should have known by now that the soldiers went on illegal assignments in Okuama since nothing to justify the questionable peace mission.


Zik Gbemre

April 22,2024


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