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Areas of Interest

With respect to the proposed CHANGE Project, NDPC’s strengths are primarily (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Conflict Management: On countless occasions, NDPC has used its community clout, expertise and influence to address and prevent issues that are considered conflict-triggers, especially in the Utorogu Areas of Ughelli South L.G.A, in Delta State, as a good example. We have also partnered with Shell (SPDC) as NGO/Consultant severally in the provision of Community Relations (CR), to proactively create and sustain a stable/peaceful working relationship between Shell (SPDC) and its host communities in designated areas in the Niger Delta areas. NDPC involvement in the CHANGE Project will bring to bear these experiences and existing network of relations in the Niger Delta area (specifically Delta State), to prevent, manage and address conflict related issues through conflict resolution, Mediation and Sundry consultations. 
  • Initiator of Activity aimed at Sustainable Peace: Having conducted a test-run of a Peace Education Project (PEP) Shell (SPDC)-sponsored program for 30 Public Primary and Secondary Schools in Ughelli North L.G.A, Delta State (in 2006), NDPC would integrate the PEP Programme, tagged “Operation Catch them Young” into the CHANGE project around educational institutions of public primary and secondary schools. This is a ‘re-orientation tool’ aimed at shaping and reshaping the minds of the young ones in Delta State and the Niger Delta region. In the same vein, another worthy project that can be introduced in the new programme by IFESH, is the Proposal For The Introduction/Implementation of Fish and Snail Farming Business. This is a ‘poverty alleviation’ programme that would economically occupy the “idle hands of Niger Delta youths” (that are At-Risk-Youths) and keep them away from being used as pawns by selfish politicians and vested interest groups to perpetuate crime, violence and what have you.
  • Workshops, Seminars and Public Lectures: Over the years, NDPC has either organized or partnered in the organization of workshops, seminars and public lectures on various issues of interest relating to our primary objectives like Peace Building, Intelligence gathering, Sustainable Development goals, Environment degradation/protection awareness, Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation (PM&E) etc. Whatever that would foster good governance, sustainable peace and development, social justice, youth empowerment, etc, all of which NDPC can bring to bear in the new project.
  • Third Party Monitoring/Verification of Infrastructural  & Economic Projects/Programmes: NDPC has in several occasions, partnered with Shell (SPDC) as NGO/Consultant, to Monitor & Evaluate (M&E) Shell-sponsored Sustainable Development and Community Relations (SDCR) Projects/Programmes in Western and Central Division of the company’s operation areas, on the platform of objectivity, transparency, integrity and accountability, and provide relevant information (through detailed Reports) towards the improvement of its Community Development process through its Social Investments. The Third-party Monitoring/verification (Evaluation) has also been extended to cover Environmental-related issues like crude oil spill Site Clean-up and Remediation exercises. NDPC have also been involved in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIAs) activities, concerning crude oil spills, gas flaring and other negative impacts/degradation of the natural environment.
  • Capacity Building/Training: Through various channels, NDPC has in several occasions, increased the capacity of Traditional rulers, Opinion Leaders, Community Power brokers and relevant stakeholders of host oil and Gas bearing Communities, including Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Women and Youth Groups, and other stakeholders like IOCs, to prevent, manage, address and mitigate impact of conflicts/potential outbreaks of violence (conflict triggers), and instigating factors/elements of such. Also, through the Training-the-Trainer objective as a developmental tool, NDPC has helped host community locals like Burutu LGA, Delta State, to chart and determine their developmental path through the Shell (SPDC) –sponsored Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU) Project.
  • Mass Advocacy: Employing ‘non-violence’ as a stand point, and with the use of ‘words’ (ink and paper, soft and hard copy), through various channels of official and unofficial electronic and print media outlets, and social networks, NDPC has (close to two decades and still counting), passionately advocated its primary objectives generally aimed at improving the lives of the common man and Humanity as a whole, in this part of the world. Through such advocacies, policies of government at various levels in Nigeria have been changed in the interest of the Nigerian citizenry, especially the Niger Delta people. Similarly, opinions/Views/Perceptions/attitudes/knowledge/awareness of the group of masses targeted at any point in time, have been ‘changed’ in the interest of all and sundry. NDPC can bring such “established network-base of mass advocacy”, to bear on the CHANGE project and its objectives.