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Enough Of Police Impunity In Oteri, Ughelli

-By Zik Gbemre



Enough Of Police Impunity In Oteri, Ughelli

Police have right to perform its duty, but it must be done according to the law and not as the authority wishes.


I find worrisome, the conduct of police over the protest by residents of Oteri community against the Area Commander in Ughelli, Ughelli North LGA of Delta state that led to injuries of people on 6th May 2024.


Agreed the police were authorised by CP Abaniwonda  Surajudeen  Olufemi, Delta State Command, to be mounting "road blocks" along the express road in Oteri community.


However, SP Bright Edafe, Spokesman to the  Delta State Police Commangd didn't tell us in his press release why the Oteri people don't want police on the express road at Oteri community axis?


Something triggered the Oteri community people to embark on that protest. Was it related to extortion of money from motorists, Keke riders and commercial motorcyclists by the police?


The Delta police ought to let the public know the remote causes of the Oteri protests. This is necessary to avoid future clash between police and civilians in Delta.


Few days ago some sacked pipeline surveillance workers due to negligence of duty and collusion with illegal bunkerers organized a protest against a surveillance contractor who is responsible for protecting pipelines/Cathodic lines in Utorogu in Ughelli South LGA.


Instead of the police joining hands with the surveillance contractor and commend him for protecting these vital oil & gas assets, the Delta Police invited the surveillance contractors for questioning.


This surveillance contractor protecting oil assets, instead of him being encouraged by Delta State Police Command, he was being invited. For what? There are undertones behind most protests against the police.


What exactly made the Oteri residents demand removal of police from the express road in Oteri community which led to the protest that resulted to injuries on people and police officers attached to the Ughelli Area Command.


Police in Delta must work and keep to the law and not breaking of the law. Dispersing Oteri community protesters with tear gas is not the answer or solution. Whatever the police has done wrong in the express road in Oteri community of Ughelli North LGA must be corrected and those police officers found wanting must be sanctioned by the CP Abaniwonda Surajudeen Olufemi.


Otherwise such illegal extortions by police will continue unchecked. Most of Oteri locals are farmers and petty traders who use keke, motorcycles and taxis to transport crops and goods to local markets are the ones being harassed by police at express road at Oteri.


Precisely on 7th May 2024, a woman hawking pure water was held with her " small Keke pick-up vehicle" by police at Fani-Kayode Street, Warri under B Division Police, Warri urban. It took intervention of another police officer in Anambra state who prevailed on the police at B Division in Warri to release the poor woman and her "small Keke pick-up vehicle".


It is alleged that between Oteri and General Hospital in Ughelli urban there are three police checkpoints which they used in extorting money from motorists, motorcyclists. So Oteri locals now trekked on foot to the General Hospital before they can get transport. The police extortions on Delta roads, especially in Ughelli North, Ughelli South and Warri urban must stop.


We need clarification from CP Abaniwonda Surajudeen Olufemi on this matter to avoid future protests in Ughelli areas of Delta state. I am aware the police has no good welfare like every other sector in the country but they mustn't put their welfare on the people they are supposed to protect.


CP Abaniwonda Surajudeen Olufemi is the police boss in Delta but his directive must be done according to law strictly since he can't make laws and the same time enforce the law.








Zik Gbemre


May 10,2024






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