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-By Zik Gbemre




The invasion of Oyo State Government House in failed takeover of the State Government by armed Oduduwa/Yoruba nation agitators is another proof of the collapsed policing of the nation under Inspector-General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun.


Egbetokun is weak, incompetent. Nigeria needs urgent replacement by a competent successor who should be picked on merit and not on President Bola Tinubu's ethnic bigotry and nepotism in his appointments.


Hoodlums on military uniforms invading a State Government House in the name of Oduduwa agitation is a sign that Tinubu is not in charge of his APC led administration. Why is the Yoruba dominated media silent about it?


Why is Tinubu playing down on it? Invasion and take over of any government house is a coup d'etat. Tinubu is not talking, has became deaf and dumb but would have been VOCIFEROUS if this has happened in Delta state and any of the South South States of the Niger Delta.


Tinubu should address the nation why he is silent on the invasion and take over of Oyo State Government is nothing but organised coup d'etat against the Nigerian state.


Nnamdi Kanu has been arrested and still in detention over such agitations by Igbos but in this recent Oduduwa/Yoruba agitation, Tinubu and Yoruba associates, elders and media are playing down on it.


It is believed that it is organised crime hatched and planned by Yoruba elders/politicians hence they are silent. How did the Oduduwa/Yoruba agitators gain access to the government house without resistance from the security operatives guarding the government house and the Oyo state house of Assembly?


Why have they not transferred the arrested people to Abuja since it is a coup d'etat. Coup d'etat is a national crime against the Nigerian state. Why has the military not invaded any part of Ibadan and Oyo state to search for more weapons like they are presently doing in Okuama and Olota communities of Ughelli South LGA in Delta?


Is the Oyo government house not part of Nigeria again? Why has the military not shown military might in the entire Ibadan and all the villages and towns of Ibadan as they are doing right now in Okuama and Olota? Why has the military not arrested the traditional ruler of Ibadan as they arrested the traditional ruler of Ewu in Delta state?


This Double Standards by Tinubu must stop in Okuama and Olota of Ughelli South LGA of Delta State.

Invasion of any government house in Nigeria with intention of taking over administration of that state is a coup d'etat and national crime.


We heard of killing of police officers in Agadama and Ohoror bushes of Uwherun in Ughelli North LGA of Delta state by suspected Fulani herdsmen and it was kept sealed for a long time and after series of media reports before the Police headquarters in Abuja announced it and till date details have not been made known to the public.


Added to the latest Oduduwa/Yoruba agitators rampage on the Oyo State Government House in military uniforms in Ibadan, it is more than enough reason for IG Egbetokun, Delta police CP Abaniwonda Surajudeen Olufemi and Oyo state CP Adebola  Hamzat to be sanctioned and removed with immediate effect.


But this is not happening, because President Tinubu, a Yoruba, IG Egbetokun, a Yoruba man and the CPs Delta state and Oyo state are Yoruba persons. Why still retaining failures? IG Egbetokun and CP Delta, Abaniwonda Surajudeen Olufemi and CP Oyo state Adebola Hamzat have failed in their duties.


Tinubu and his military declared war on Okuama people who now have no access to their ancestral home community. What stops Tinubu from declaring war on Oduduwa/Yoruba agitators and their sponsors?


These are people who forcefully took over Oyo State Government and their home villages and towns were not raided by the military and no military Tribunal set up.


Zik Gbemre

April 18,2024


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